Friday, May 22, 2009

About DXN

The red oval symbolizing the rising sun to represent aggressiveness, single mindedness and persistense in achieving DXN's vision.

The Green Branches symbolizing Ganoderma to represent company's strong commitments for growth and relentness striving to achieve excellence by focusing on health-based industry

The Blue Horizontal Line represents the company as the power source for the impetus of business development

DXN Ganoderma

Ganoderma - the miraculous king of herbs, has got highest ranking in the world of fungi. Ganoderma strengthens the natural healing process, scans the body, neutralizes the free radicals, detoxifies toxins and metabolic wastes, enhances the oxygen supply to the various organs in the body, normalizes body functions and eliminates body disorders.

Reishi Gano - RG

RG is an Ayurvedic preparation to keep the body healthy and to enhance longetivity. Scans the body, cleanses toxins, enhances immunity and normalizes/balances body functions. Provides symptomatic relief from various body disorders. Helps the body to function at its optimum level.

Ganocelium - GL

GL is an Ayurvedic preparation to keep the body healthy and to enhance longetivity. GL can effectively help in rebuilding process, Improving total body functions, Improving blood circulation

Ganozhi paste - Nourishing Gateway cleanser

  • Contains food gel & menthol
  • Excellent for gums, root, tissues, nerves, blood vessels
  • No sugar base & hence prevents bacterial growth. Removes bad breath
  • Small quantity avoids wastage
  • Offers economy

Cocozhi - Multi Nutritional Power Drink

  • Power packed with Ganoderma
  • Enhances taste with Cocoa
  • A perfect after food drink
  • An exceptional mid evening refresher
  • A satisfying mood elevator

Lingzhi Beverage Range

DXN Lingzhi 3 in 1 is sure to be your everyday coffee-break beverage. Work pressure and hectic life style nowadays make people feel stressful easily. Take a moment and relax with a cup of this unique-tasting health beverage.

DXN Lingzhi 2 in 1 is a low fat beverage with immune boosting and anti-oxidant properties. It dissolves easily to produce a strong aroma of coffee that freshens your mood.

DXN Lingzhi 2 in 1 Black Coffee gives you the satisfying taste of a real coffee. It is perfectly suited for the health conscious people. The most ideal beverage for serving the guests.